myON Digital Library

reading is more important than ever for your child.  Not only will it help them academically, but reading is associated with improved mental wellbeing and opens up countless new worlds for students to explore from the comfort and safety of their homes.

We are very excited to launch the use of ‘myOn’ for students within Goole Academy.  MyOn is a digital library with thousands of e-books for students to choose from and it links with our in-school reading system/library. The digital books available can be tailored to students’ interests and will allow your child to read books independently or together as a family during this home learning period, and at any other time you choose.  We appreciate that all families are busy and negotiating their own circumstances, but please can we ask that you are checking the books your child is reading, as there is open access to many genres and age ranges.

The myOn website allows each student to interact with books by highlighting sections, annotating with virtual post-it notes and listening to text.  Part of the website has a ‘news’ section where there will be current student-friendly news articles for them to access.  Students can choose to read the book themselves or have it read for them.  Your child’s teacher can view the books they have read and see how long they have read for too. Once your child has read a book, they can ‘take a quiz’ – exactly like they do in school – their myOn account links to their in-school Accelerated Reader account where students accrue points and are working towards becoming a ‘Word Millionaire’ where they have read a million words or more!

If you are worried about internet access, you can also download 20 books at a time to your device for your child to read offline at any time.

The user name and password to log onto myOn is the same as the students use for Accelerated Reader in the Academy.  If you don’t know these, then please email Mrs Jenkinson, our LRC Manager, to support (  

To help your child make the most of this excellent resource, have a look at the Parent Guide in the documents section below!