GCSEPod consists of series of short videos or pods which cover various subjects.

Despite the name, it is suitable for Year 7 and above, and we encourage all students to use this website to help their learning. As well as the website there are also free apps for Android and Apple products, which means it can be used on tablets and smart phones as well!

If a pod has been assigned by a teacher, there will probably be some questions to answer afterwards.

Any student can access any pod.

In 2019/20, Goole Academy viewed over 160 000 pods (more than any other school in the world). It would be fantastic if we could keep up these amazing work ethic and retain our title as the number 1 school in the world on the platform – we’re currently on track to be world champions again for the 2020/21 academic year!

Here is a brief explanation of how to access the site:

Please download and read the parent and student guidance in the documents below.