Our Aim

The aim of the Mathematics department is to help students to become confident, creative and resilient problem solvers as well as attain the highest results possible to help them move into the next stage of their education journey.

How we do this?
Under the direction of Delta Academies Trust, our team of staff in the Mathematics Department are delivering engaging and challenging subject content with regular opportunities for reflective feedback from the students. Students can expect to have challenging objectives every lesson (Challenge and Aspire outcomes) to ensure they are all provided with an adequate level of challenge and they are stretched mathematically. Every lesson begins with a Connect task and ends with a Demonstrate task; these allow students to link their previous lesson’s learning to the current lesson (Connect) and then show what they have learnt at the end of the lesson (Demonstrate). Activities and learning opportunities are carefully constructed and differentiated by staff in the Maths department to allow all students to be sufficiently challenged and stretched. Books are marked at the end of every lesson by staff to ensure students are given up-to-date current feedback to allow them to progress from lesson to lesson. The department is fully resourced with up-to-date technology, fully interactive whiteboards and a brand-new computer suite with 30 new computers for students to utilise.

Enrichment sessions for Year 11 students are on a Monday night (14:30 to 15:30) in the Maths department where we cover targeted revision topics to aid the student in recapping and/or preparing new knowledge to help them become more successful in lessons and subsequent assessments. Year 11 also have the privilege of having priority use of the Mathematics computer suite on a Monday afternoon from 15:30 to 16:30 to use for revision on Hegarty Maths. There is also the opportunity for Years 7 – 11 to attend an additional 15:30 to 16:30 supervised club on a Friday afternoon to use the computers in the Mathematics computer suite for revision. All our after-school sessions are staffed by subject specialists to help all students get the most out of their time and make it a rewarding and positive learning experience.

Stretch and Challenge
Students are given the chance to extend their mathematical knowledge through extra-curricular activities, e.g. enrichment trips and the national maths challenge throughout the year. We also run a High Ability ‘Masterclass’ on a Tuesday from 14:30 to 15:30 with a Delta Subject Director to push our high-attaining students and allow them to access the top-tier content in the Mathematics GCSE and beyond.

• All students at Goole Academy have 4 hours of Mathematics per week taught in classes set by ability.
• We currently follow the Edexcel GCSE course at Foundation and Higher tiers.
• Detailed information about the content of the course can be found here.
• Passes are graded 1 – 9. Grades 1 – 5 can be awarded to students on the Foundation tier and grades 3 – 9 are available for students sitting the Higher tier.

What can parents do to help?
Encourage your child to succeed – please reinforce the belief that doing well in Maths is achievable.
Homework will be set weekly on Hegarty Maths, however we strongly encourage your Son/Daughter to use their free time to access Hegarty Maths as regularly and frequently as possible as it is an incredibly powerful tool for students to use. It will reinforce the learning and support that they have received in lesson and will give them the ability to consolidate their knowledge or move on to more challenging areas of Mathematics. It is a subscription service that the Academy has purchased for all students and every topic has an instructional video and a quiz that contains questions for them to complete after the video. It has been statistically shown that more time spent on Hegarty Maths will lead to positive gains in terms of marks attained on assessments.

All Maths classrooms have scientific calculators. Students are encouraged to have their own scientific calculator to use at home to familiarise themselves with it and to revise/complete homework efficiently. The school uses the Casio FX-83GT PLUS.

Mr A Wilds (Head of Maths), Mr R French (Associate Lead Teacher of Maths), Mr N Anscombe (2nd in Maths), Mr R Jackson (Assistant Principal), Mrs A Clayton, Miss V Wilbourne, Miss L Byrne, Mrs E Hare.