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Hegarty Maths

As a school we use Hegarty Maths for our maths homework/on-line learning.

In 2019/20, we were one of only 37 schools worldwide to answer over 1 000 000 questions, and it would be fantastic if we could repeat this amazing achievement again this year!

Details of how to log on can be found below in the documents at the bottom of the page, as well as in the image below.

There are also two helpful videos at the bottom of the page, as well as on our Youtube account!

When students log in to Hegarty, they will be greeted with this page:

There are 3 different types of question:

  • Skills questions – These are the questions which accompany the tasks. If a score of 70% or higher is achieved, the ask is marked as passed. Otherwise it will be reset.
  • Fix-up-5 questions – These are questions based on skills questions that have been previously answered incorrectly. These are a great way to improve your subject knowledge.
  • Memri questions – These questions are based on any questions that have been answered previously and act as spaced revision.

Teachers will set 2 or 3 tasks on Hegarty each week. and 1 or 2 Memri tasks as well (10 or 20 questions).

If these are not completed successfully (70% or more) OR they are not attempted, they will be reset.

In addition to the tasks, 1 or 2 Memri tasks will be set each week (10 or 20 questions) to facilitate learning, revision, and continued progress.

Each task has a video which accompanies it. If students are struggling, they MUST watch the video.

Clicking the ‘Get help’ button while looking at a question will open the video at the part they need.

Students can also ask questions to their teacher by using the text box.

All parents are asked to check how many tasks are outstanding on a regular basis.

Please open the documents below to learn how to answer questions.

Student progress is closely monitored and our main measure is successful tasks (70% or above correct) and then Memri questions.

‘Hegarty Heroes’ for each Year group are selected each week, and this is a fantastic achievement for your child.

There is also a handy Hegarty Maths introduction video, available to watch here and below. Enjoy!

Logging into Hegarty Maths

Using Hegarty Maths