The History department at Goole Academy offers a wide range of History to study. Most recently, the team have introduced a more engaging and investigative scheme of learning that is bound to spike the enthusiasm of our budding historians!

KS3 History students have a wide variety of topics to study ranging from the Ancient Greeks and Romans through to the Industrial Revolution, 19th Century surgery and onto the World Wars.

Topics studied at GCSE include Medicine through Time, American West, Anglo Saxon and Norman invasion and Weimar Nazi Germany.

There are three exam papers with Paper 1.  These focus on Medicine through Time, the British sector of the Western Front, and 1914-18 focussing on injuries, treatments and the trenches. Students will be asked a range of questions to test their abilities with knowledge, extended writing and source analysis.

Paper 2 is a Period study and a British depth study that focusses on The American West and Anglo Saxon and Norman England. Students will be asked questions that assess their knowledge and understanding.

Students will then sit Paper 3, which is a Modern depth study where students will be studying Weimar and Nazi Germany, 1918–39. Students will be tested on their source analysis and interpretation skills.