The Importance of Uniform

Parents tell us they welcome having clear knowledge of what their children are expected to wear for school. In light of this we have produced clear guidelines for you.  The uniform ensures that students look professional and that they are ready to learn. We hope you agree it looks very smart. We thank you for your continued support in enabling us to maintain the high standards expected from Goole Academy students.

Please see the documents below for the Uniform Guidance and Uniform Price List.


  • No make-up allowed
  • False eyelashes or defined eyebrows are not allowed


  • A watch  (analogue or digital only)
  • No Smart watches
  • No other jewellery may be worn


  • No nail polish or false/acrylic nails


  • Only natural colours are permitted
  • Short cuts below number two are not permitted
  • Shaved patterns are not permitted

Eating and Drinking

  • All food and drink must be consumed in the dining hall only
  • Water may be consumed in traditional teaching rooms (not in the Library, Science Laboratories or Computer Suites)
  • Chewing gum is not allowed anywhere in the Academy grounds
  • Energy or fizzy drinks are not permitted anywhere in the Academy

Personal Possessions

  • Mobile phones, MP3s, iPods and video games devices are not permitted in the academy.

Travelling to and from Goole Academy

Students will wear their full Academy uniform on their morning and afternoon journeys between home and the Academy. The Academy has a duty under the Education and Inspections Act 2006 to take action to address behaviour even when students are not under the legal control of the Academy; the wearing of uniform to and from the Academy supports this Act of Parliament.

All students must have:

  • A bag large enough to carry an A4 folder
  • Planner
  • Exercise books required for the day
  • Pencil case containing: 2 pens, 2 pencils, calculator, pencil sharpener, rubber and ruler


Uniform Donations

Do you have uniforms that your children no longer need?  Would you be willing to donate them to help support local families experiencing financial difficulties and help raise funds for the school?

If the answer to these questions are 'yes', then please bring any items to reception any time between 8.15am and 3.30pm.

Any and all monies made will be fed into the rewards system as requested by parents and the student council.

SPT Uniforms

There is also information below about uniform sizing, as well as uniform order forms and links to order the uniform from our official uniform provider, SPT.

Please see the information & documents below for help with uniform sizing guides. 


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