Student Welfare

The process of transfer to the Academy starts early. During Year 6 discussion takes place with primary school teachers so that we are well informed about each child's progress. By the time September arrives, most children will have already visited the academy and with the help of the children's primary teachers, the learning manager will already have a clear picture of each of them.

The form tutor is the key person for your child throughout his/her time at Academy. It is the form tutor who will meet them each day for tutor time. He or she will help children through any concerns, help monitor their progress and encourage them to get the best out of school.

Site Security

We go to great lengths to ensure that the Academy site is safe and secure for all. At break and lunchtimes, staff patrol the site and provide key supervision in the main student areas. All site visitors, including parents, are asked to report to reception on arrival and to sign out on departure. Students are responsible for their own belongings, and therefore, all personal items must be clearly named.

Student Records

To help us to support your child, it is important that our records are kept up-to-date. Please do let us know whenever any changes in your child's details occur. This information is essential should there ever be an emergency. All student records are kept strictly under guidance from the Data Protection Act. 

Child Protection

Children and young people have individual rights. Above all, they have the right to have their basic needs met and to be free from harm. The protection of our children is enshrined in law and our school procedures adhere to those defined by law. A senior member of the Academy's Leadership Team has a specific responsibility for child protection issues.

Protection from Bullying

Our Academy community treats all accusations of bullying as serious matters of concern. Teaching and support staff are aware of the need for vigilance and will follow up any incident that could involve bullying. Students are encouraged to take a key role in making our school a safe and happy place for everyone. They should tell someone if they are being bullied or see any form of bullying.