Other Online Resources

In addition to GCSEPod, Languagenut, Hegarty Maths, and other resources online, we will be updating the following list regularly with other websites to support home learning:

Daily PE workouts with Joe Wicks - A fantastic way to warm up and wake up! A new workout video each day, designed for school students.  

BBC Bitesize - Learning resources and revision activites for all age groups and all subjects.

BBC Teach - A great resource with guidance on learning from home, and lessons for your child to follow.

Geography Games - A super site packed with games to help you with your geography.

Geography Quizzes - Sporcle is an excellent website for all sorts of things, but the geography quizzes here are excellent ways to practice and consolidate what you've learned. 

Careers & Future Planning - Now could be a good time to start thinking ahead to your future!

Accelerated Reader - Y7 and Y8 students are used to logging the books that they've read online and completing quizzes to show understanding, and this can be done at home as well!

STEM resources - A fantastic selection of different Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths activities to do at home!

Quizlet - An excellent way to consolidate French vocabulary! Check out a GCSE key expression quizlet set here and a Y7 hometown set here. Have a play around with the search function and see what you can find!

Gov.uk - The government has collated an excellent list of different online resources, looking at English, Maths, PE, general wellbeing, and loads more. Definitely worth checking out! 

Twitter - Our school Twitter account is regularly updated with activities and resources to check out!

Oak National Academy - A wealth of interesting resources provided by the Department for Education to supplement your remote learning. Excellent to use for revision!

Log On Move On - Key information about college and careers.

Careers Inc - More fantastic information about colleges and careers. 

Start - With all this time, spend a few minutes researching your future. Narrow down different job opportunities by your interests, and see where your favourite subjects could take you.