Yr6 Areté Maths Cohort Visit Goole Academy!

Year 6 children visited Goole Academy on Tuesday 20th November from all our feeder primaries for their Maths Arete Day.

The group started with a set of challenging questions from the UK Maths Trust that are used with Year 7 and 8 high achievers in the Junior Maths Challenge each year.

Following this, they had some fun with a darts theme, answering some thought provoking questions like "If you threw a dart in every section of the board, what would the total score be?" and "How can you complete a nine dart finish?". One girl was so excited when she worked out the latter question, that she asked if she could take it back to school for her teacher to solve.

Goole Academy Principal, Mr Harrison, chatted to some of the Year 6 pupils as they were having their lunch and asked how their day was going. Amongst the replies was "It has been amazing!".

Other comments made included "I like the chance to come out of school to do other fun stuff!", and "It's good to make friends with people from other schools because you can meet up again when you come to Goole Academy in Year 7.".

One girl summed it up for us beautifully by saying, "I really enjoyed the Maths Areté. The best part was answering those really hard questions because it was challenging and I liked working as a team".

Eight days after the Year 6 Maths Areté day, the new cohort of Aretians from Year 5 arrived for their thrilling Maths adventure. They enjoyed the same tasks as the Year 6 had done in the previous week.

The Year 7 helpers for the day loved it too - finding the UKMT questions equally challenging, but fun to try.

One of the Year 5 boys commented, "I loved it because I really love Maths and I got to do it all day long!". Another boy said that they liked the set up in our dinner hall with separate seats fixed in place around the table as they get squashed up on a bench at their school.

Mrs Clayton commented, "I love the Areté days - seeing young minds in action, so keen to solve problems and so attentive to every detail".

We can't wait to see you all again soon!