Wyke College Announcement

Please see an update to guidance for Wyke applicants. We understand that this is a very difficult time for everyone, and especially our Y11s who are thinking about the future. For those that have applied to Wyke, please read the attached message for clarification of how September will work. Any queries, please contact Wyke in the first instance!

Interviewing and advice to applicants

"The removal of end of year assessments also has a significant impact on all of our feeder schools.  We have already had several queries from applicants and schools looking for guidance on what it means for their application to study with us in the autumn.

Our position is simple:

·         We will honour all of the offers we have made to students.

·         We will accept the outcomes that they are awarded and use these to assess their suitability for courses according to our published entry criteria (as ever, these are subject to change)

·         We are not giving guaranteed enrolment appointments for applicants who apply after March 31st

Given our move to remote working, applicant interviewing will take place by phone.  The team are planning this at the moment but we will not be looking to start these interviews until we are confident our remote working arrangements are effective."