Help Wanted for Young Enterprise Scheme!

What is Young Enterprise?

Young Enterprise is a national charity which challenges and motivates young people to succeed in the world of work, by equipping them with the work skills, knowledge and confidence they need for a rapidly changing and highly competitive job market.

In the Autumn term, a small group of students in Y10 started taking part in Young Enterprise’s Company Programme. The programme is an enterprise journey, where students set up and run their own student company. They make all the decisions about their business, from deciding on the company name and product to managing the company finances. Participants gain the practical business experience, adaptability, entrepreneurial mindset and employability skills needed to secure successful futures.

However, this is where you can come in, as a parent or carer and a member of our local community ...

We are looking for volunteers from the world of work to act as Business Advisers, to support the students for an hour per week, ideally over a period of 12 weeks. Step by step guidance is available online with videos and resources to support students to run their student company, however the Business Advisers are vital in bringing a wealth of knowledge and expertise from the world of work.

Interested? Contact YE below, or ask your child to speak to Miss Wilson in English!

Young Enterprise encourages students to gain insights and inspiration from the rich and diverse world of work after academic education ends, so we’re keen to welcome volunteers from all walks of life, from as many employment backgrounds as possible – entrepreneurs, small businesses, trades apprentices, graduates as well as corporate organisations.

It's an absolutely fantastic project that our students gain so much from. If you feel like you could donate some of your time and experience, please contact Louise Butterfield (, or through the other contact information on the attached letter below), or ask your child to have a chat with Miss Wilson in English.