Goole Academy visits Garforth Academy

India James reports on the visit...

"On Thursday 31st January, me and the other 11 students in Goole Academy’s Year 11 Triple Science class were privileged enough to spend a day at Garforth Academy engaging with their Year 12 Physics students and phenomenal A-Level Physics and Biology experts.

We were astounded by the ideas we were presented with, especially that of the universe expansion comparing to a ‘rolled up carpet’, which was the forefront of my thinking for hours after leaving!  The lesson was absolutely mind-blowing. From our first 2 hours on investigating Kinetic Energy, to our final practical on Ohm’s Law, we were enriched with the interesting topics we should expect at A-Level.  The studious Sixth-Formers were definitely the reason I left Garforth Academy considering continuing to study Science after having finished my GCSEs and developing their same admirable attributes which we - as a class - are now aware a Science A-Level can provide. Mr Hirst, Delta Academy Trust’s Science Director described us as “enthusiastic and willing to participate”, which every student in my class admitted to being due to the enticing tasks we were presented with. Ultimately, I was left in awe, inspired and immensely grateful for the opportunity".

Just wow!