Covid-19 Time Capsule

Mrs Gage is currently running a time capsule project with the students in school, but it would be great to have input from all students!

The Covid-19 situation is unprecedented, and we've all had to adapt our ways of life to deal with it. It would be fantastic to be able to document how the students of Goole Academy were able to cope with the coronavirus challenges during 2020 by having them buried in a time capsule during the last week of term, ready to be opened by Goole students many years in the future!

If you would like to be a part of this excellent project, you can email it to Mrs Gage ( or your tutor, you can post it to school addressed to Mrs Gage, or you can drop something off for the time capsule in student reception. 

You can include anything to document this unique period in UK history, such as ... 

  • Pieces of writing about yourselves ie what year group you are in, favourite subjects/teachers, extracurricular activities you attend as well as hobbies and interests outside of school.
  • What a normal school day was like before lockdown
  • How things have changes for you since lockdown - for example home learning, not seeing family and friends etc
  • You could send in pictures of what you have been doing during lockdown.
  • Drawings of rainbows you have done or information about clapping for careers if they took part.

It would be great to have as many students as possible involved in this unique period of time.
Please feel free to contribute items yourselves for the capsule should you wish to. All items will need to be received by 8th July!