Children In Need Winners

Thank you to those who participated in the Children in Need competition!

We managed to test our maths across the school, and try and work out how many chocolates were in a jar.

The winner was Ben Cavanagh in Y8 who guessed 106 minstrels and his maths answer was £33.71. 

The runner up was Mitch Bowker in Y8, who guessed 80 minstrels and his Maths answer was £33.13.

For those still wondering, there was 217 Minstrels in the jar.

The answer to the Maths question is below:-

Buy 4 x 4 jars at £5.29                = £21.16  (16 jars)

Buy 3 x 2 jars at £1.99 each        = £11.94   (6 jars & 3 free)

Total cost                                    = £33.10


Well done to all those who participated to raise money for this worthwhile cause!