Media is taught in a fully equipped classroom with access to computer software such as Pinnacle and Photoshop as well as access to video cameras, including a broadcast quality camera and other media studies equipment. Students of Media Studies learn how films and advertising campaigns are created and are given the opportunity to create their own versions. Media is an ever changing curriculum and offers insight into  the world of language and representation through magazines and vlogging, to films, radio and TV. Media surrounds everything we do and having an understanding of that world is vital to navigating through it.

Without creativity, life would never evolve or develop. Creative subjects are necessary for any individual to develop a sense of self awareness, confidence, personal development and self-esteem. Pupils attending Goole Academy are given the opportunity to develop all of these skills and more, but of course the arts have far more to offer just than this. There is a host of transferable skills acquired by studying arts subjects which improve performance in other areas of the curriculum. Arts subjects enable students to make a personal response to the world around them and explore possibilities of expression and interpretation.

We media department have taken trips to Harry Potter studios and with opportunities to visit the Media Museum in Bradford and the IMAX.

You may also like to use the online revision services: SAM Learning and BBC Bitesize