What is LMI?

Facts, analysis or interpretation of data gathered about working, workplaces and people. For example:

  • Wages
  • Hours worked
  • Working patterns
  • Gender balance

Why do I need to know about the LMI?

Knowing certain info makes decision making easier. It answers questions such as:

  • Will I need to go to university?
  • How much will I earn?
  • What would I do each day?
  • Where are most jobs in X, Y or Z located?
  • Which are the best Apprenticeships?
  • Which sectors are growing or shrinking in the UK?

Stay up-to-date!

The LMI Humber website is a fantastic resource to learn more about different jobs and future options. 

LMI Newsletters are regularly posted in the News section on our website - check it out to find out more. The January 2021 Newsletter is available through our website here, and the February 2021 newsletter is available here