Libresoft Librarian

Libresoft Librarian

The LRC (Learning Resource Centre), also known as the library, contains a wide selection of both fiction and non-fiction books, as well as 10 computers for students to use for homework or study and desks for collaborative or independent learning.

At the moment, due to COVID restrictions, only Y7 and Y8 students have access to the LRC through one English lesson per week, but an online service has been set up to allow years 9, 10 and 11 to reserve books from which will be delivered to their tutor room. To do this students need to log in on Libresoft Librarian using the barcode number and password they have been provided with during tutor time.

Students can then browse and search the library catalogue (found through the “catalogue” tab at the top) and reserve books they would like to read. Only 2 can be checked out at any time so if there are more reservations only the first 2 on the list will be the ones delivered until returns are made.

To reserve a book, once it has been found in the catalogue click the “select action” box on the right and then click “reserve book”.

Books are checked out for 2 weeks, after which point they must be returned or renewed. Students can log back on to renew their books for another 2 weeks without needing to physically access the library and books can be renewed up to 3 times. Books should be returned to an English teacher who will bring them to the LRC.

Due dates can be checked and renewals made through the “my books” tab at the top.

Any books not returned within the term they were checked out will result in parents being issued with a fine of £5 per book. Damaged books are also subject to the same fine.

If you have any questions, check with your English teacher for more details!