Enrichment & Websites for Students

As a school, we utilise multiple websites to aid and enhance the learning that takes place in the classroom.

Your child will have log-in information for all or some of the following websites, but please spend some time having a look at them, and encouraging your child to log some extra-curricular hours!

  1. Accelerated Reader
  2. GCSEPod
  3. Language Nut
  4. Hegarty Maths

Furthermore, Goole Academy offers a broad and extensive programme of enrichment. This begins daily from 2.30pm.

There are always more enrichment activities being offered, and so the attached enrichment timetables are subject to change. 

For students that normally get the school bus, please make sure to go to Student Reception the day before any enrichment activity and get yourself booked onto the school minibus so that you can get home safely after your enrichment session!

Please see our timetable of enrichment below.

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