Students are split into two parallel bands of ability, termed P band and Q band. Some subjects are grouped together and dependant on the subject area, will be mixed ability setting. Other subjects will be set by ability. All students have the curriculum detailed below unless an additional need for literacy/numeracy has been identified on entry to Goole Academy.

At Goole Academy we operate a 25 period a week timetable. During tutor period, students will study RE/PSE/assembly and numeracy/literacy.


KS4 at Goole Academy starts in Yr10 with final examinations taking place at the end of Yr11. During Yr9, students will have CEIAG (Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance) and will have the opportunity to attend an options evening.

Options at KS4

At Goole Academy we offer a wide range of options subjects, both at GCSE level and Vocational, a range of Ebacc subjects as well as subjects form the Arts. We pride ourselves on offering a broad and balanced curriculum whilst addressing the needs of our students.

Students will be allocated a particular pathway dependant on English, Maths and Science ability. Whilst this is a key driver in the pathway system it is not final. Students may have the opportunity to access an option not on their particular pathway. This will be discussed in conjunction with the Assistant Principal for Curriculum, the class teacher and SEND Co-ordinator.

Students will study four option subjects. The options pathways are detailed below.

N.B- ALL students in Blue and Red pathways MUST choose one subject from the list of Ebacc subjects.

  • Blue pathway: Students have the choice of highly academic subjects such as Triple Science, Languages and Humanities along with other GCSE level 2 subjects and vocational subjects. Students in this pathway are guided down the route of the Ebacc (English Baccalaureate).
  • Red pathway: Students have the choice of Humanities subjects, GCSE level 2s in other subject areas and vocational subjects.
  • White pathway: Students have the choice of GCSE level 2 subjects and vocational subjects. Students in this pathway will not study an Ebacc subject.
    Four subjects taking 3hrs each with the rest of the curriculum made up of the below.

List of subjects on offer at KS4

This is the current offer for 2017/2018, but may change due to popularity of subjects or availability.

Ebacc subjects

  • GCSE Geography
  • GCSE History
  • GCSE French
  • GCSE Computing
  • GCSE Triple Science

GCSE subjects

  • GCSE Philosophy and Ethics
  • GCASE Art
  • GCSE Photography
  • GCSE Media studies
  • GCSE Food
  • GCSE Drama

Vocational subjects

  • Btec Sport level 2
  • Btec Health and Social Care
  • Cambridge National Creative iMedia
  • V Cert - Engineering level 2
  • Btec Music
  • Btec Travel and Tourism
  • Cambridge National Childcare