On Friday 20th March, our normal school day came to an end for the foreseeable future, and the rich and varied curriculum offered to our students transitioned into online-based home-learning

We have always utilised different websites to maximise our students' learning experiences during their time at Delta Goole, and, until the government advises otherwise, these websites will start to form a key part our students' education. 

As such, it is pivotal that our students understand how to fully access these key sites, so that they can fully embrace home learning, and be ready to come back to the classroom at some point in the future. 

Please get in touch if you have any questions or queries about access to the websites, or about any work set for your child. 

To access timetables & resources for your child, please click here to access the Covid-19 section of our website, and then click on the Secondary Home Classroom Secondary link. Follow through the link, and then it will open up to resources on Sharepoint for you.

Here is a list of other fantastic resources available online! 

Please click here to find our page on how best to support your child with e-learning!

Regularly printed work packs are available from Main Reception - please call ahead before collecting to ensure we have the correct one for your child, and come and collect them as part of your daily walk/exercise. These are primarily designed for those with limited IT access at home. 

Guidance for accessing home learning platforms:

A fantastic set of resources are available for all subjects, and work will be set by teachers from across the curriculum. 

To access the site, please follow the following instructions:

Want to make a huge difference in your mathematics and become a Hegarty Hero? Ensure that you regularly log in to Hegarty Maths and complete the activities set by your maths teachers.

To access the site, please follow the following instructions:

An excellent way to ensure that your French remains très bien. Log in regularly and work on your reading, listening, writing, speaking, and general French grammar.

To access the site, please follow the following instructions:

Sharepoint offers our teachers the option to upload work for all students. Access is through the school email address (typically your surname, the initial of your firstname, and, and then by following the instructions below. For timetables and resources, please have a look at the guide below as well!